About Us

Bikes and coffee - aren't they exactly those two things that keep you moving in life? From dawn till dusk, summer till winter - all year round whatever the weather.

Remember those cold and dark December mornings when the bed was so warm, the pillow so soft, but you had to get up, get on your two wheels and ask your legs to pedal to the nearest cafe to get your eyes opened by a shot of espresso which could have been the only thing (apart from the combination of your sleepy legs and the best invention of the last few thousand years - the wheeeelz!) in the morning to keep you going? 

Machine tries to combine those two together and see what comes out of it. A first cycling cafe in SE1 and hopefully (we believe in dreams) the best place for cyclists to catch up, talk about their small and big achievements in sportives, worldwide trips, weekend plans while drinking their favourite Monmouth coffee and nibbling that lovely piece of cake. If you are not a cyclist, don't worry - we are family-, dogs-, cats- and overall good creatures-friendly place. However, if a dog can cycle, why then oh why can't you?

Keep on moving. Check us out.



Machine story has started in 2011 as Velodro bicycle shop when one day Vitas decided to turn his long-lasting passion for cycling into something bigger.

Teamed up with his now wife and cycling enthusiast Victoria he determined to create a different place for bike-lovers – not like ordinary, a bit dull and unfriendly shops selling bicycles in the city they have seen.

So they quit their jobs, rolled up their sleeves and started a big journey which they called Velodro. It didn't take long for Velodro to become one of the most popular cycle shops in Bermondsey, SE1. But that wasn't enough for Vitas and Victoria. Something was missing - people were coming to see a 'bike doctor' with all sorts of bicycle problems, so what kind of mood atmosphere could have been created there? Stressed, disappointed, rushing, hopeless... Even though people were leaving shop with a smile on their face when they bought or get their bike fixed, we wanted to keep them happy all the time and to keep them staying for longer - to enjoy the atmosphere while waiting for their puncture to be fixed or just come more often and be a nice destination spot.

That is when Machine cycling cafe was born. At the end of 2014 Velodro turned into Machine and opened a coffee, cakes and sandwiches bar, so people can since come not only for a problem on their bike to be fixed, but also to relax, meet up with friends or simply enjoy good Monmouth coffee and local cakes in a cycling atmosphere.

Long live the Machine!


Mission Statement

As a bike shop, we have several visions. First, we want cycling to be affordable to everyone. Secondly, we believe cycling to be a way of life rather than just the way to move from A to B. We’d also like to see fewer cars and more bicycles on the roads which we wish to be completely safe roads. Finally, we wish everyone to feel again that sense of freedom they felt when being kids they took their first ride on a bike. That was something amazing.

Our mission is to fulfil our visions.

As a cycling cafe, we have a mission TO MAKE YOUR DAY. Enjoy your cup of  delicious Monmouth coffee and slice of cake in a cycling atmosphere, get a bike-related gift for your cycling buddy and try our bike-parts-recycled furniture like Brooks saddle stools or bike wheel-tables!

Also, we are always there to help you choose a bike or build you a bespoke one!



What we do

Machine is a local independent bicycle shop - cycling cafe in Bermondsey, SE1 - just few minutes away from Tower Bridge or London Bridge. We sell bikes, components, cycle accessories as well as offer a wide range of bike services. If you have a puncture, the brakes don't work properly of if your bike requires a general service, feel free to pop in to our shop and our bike doctors will be happy to help you.

We are pround to be dealers of such brands as Giant, Cinelli, Mavic, Pearl Izumi, Brooks, Fi'zi:k, Shimano, Compagnolo, Micro Scooters etc. If you cannot find a product on our website or it is out of stock, do not hesitate to contact us or come to our shop to discuss the availability. 

In addition to bike stuff, we also sell coffee (from local coffee roaster's Monmouth beans), tea, cold drinks, cakes, sanwiches, various snacks and cycling souvenirs and books.