What is Cycle to Work?

The government wants to encourage more cycling and commuting to work by bike, and has created a tax break that will give you huge savings on the cost of a bike and accessories. By foregoing a small amount in your monthly salary you can take advantage of the savings through income tax and national insurance.
Can anyone use the scheme?
Any UK PAYE tax payer can join the scheme. Sadly, if you are self-employed, unemployed, or don't pay PAYE then you won't be able to benefit.
What will be the savings I make?
The savings depend on your personal tax rate, but typically it is about 42% for a higher rate taxpayer and 32% for a basic rate tax payer. The major providers like Cyclescheme have savings calculators on their websites that you can use to work out your individual savings.
What can be put onto the scheme?
For starters you must select a bike. This must be a complete bike and not parts. The bike must be for you and cannot be a children's bike. You can then add on accessories like a helmet, lock, lights, clothing, mudguards, racks and bags. There are a few exceptions like shoes, bike computers, gift vouchers, and child seats that cannot be included as part of the scheme.
What is the process?
Firstly your employer must be registered with a scheme provider. If they are not then we can help set them up onto a scheme, and offer free advice on what scheme may be best for them.
Next is the fun bit! You choose what bike and accessories you want. You can do this by visiting our shop where we can advise you correctly on the type and size of bike, and offer you the opportunity to test ride before making any choice; or alternatively you can browse our website. There is normally a £1000 limit on what you can select, but some companies allow more. Once your choices are made you will know the total value to apply for.
Next request your "letter of collection" from your provider and sign the hire agreement. Your employer will then authorise your application.
Bring your "letter of collection" to the store and you will be able to collect your bike and accessories.
Once collected your salary sacrifice will commence.
Need more help or information?
If you would like to discuss any aspect of the cycle to work scheme or need help in setting up a scheme then please contact us and we will be happy to help.