Whether your chain is squeaking, your brakes need tweaking, or your wheels are creaking, our dedicated bicycle workshop will get you sorted.

Why choose us?

  • over 20 years of experience
  • quick turn around
  • repairs while you wait
  • same day servicing (collect your bike after work) at no extra cost
  • no hidden “oil and rags” charges
  • long opening hours
  • cozy (grease free) cafe to enjoy a cuppa while you wait for your bike
  • first cycling cafe in SE1

Got questions? Want to book a service? Feel free to call, email or just drop by.


There are three service packages available. Depending on your mileage one of the following is required every 6 to 12 months. Please bring your bicycle for a free assessment and we’ll advise you on the appropriate service plan.


  1. Basic Service £49.99 / £39.99 Single Speed
  • visual inspection of your bike / safety check
  • bolts tightened (wheels, bars, stem, seatpost, saddle, crank bolts, pedals, etc.)
  • wheels checked for wear and alignment
  • tyres checked for wear and inflated to correct pressure
  • brake service (pads and cables adjusted)
  • gear service (cables adjusted, gears indexed)
  • chain lubricated


  1. General Service £69.99 / £59.99 Single Speed
  • everything in the Basic Service PLUS
  • headset checked for free movement and adjusted
  • bottom bracket checked for free movement and adjusted
  • hubs checked for free movement and adjusted
  • wheels trued in truing stand
  • frame and forks cleaned
  • bicycle test ridden


  1. Full Service £129.99 / £119.99 Single Speed (Complete strip down and rebuild)
  • everything in the General Service PLUS
  • forks removed, cleaned, inspected
  • drive train components removed, degreased
  • brakes removed, cleaned, inspected
  • headset disassembled, cleaned, inspected, greased and reassembled
  • hubs disassembled, cleaned, inspected, greased and reassembled
  • bottom bracket disassembled, cleaned, inspected, greased and reassembled
  • bottom bracket shell re-tapped (if applicable)
  • bicycle test ridden

*All prices include labour only. Any parts required are extra. VAT is included.



  1. Minimum labour charge is £5.00. Hourly labour charge £60.00.
  2. Quotation is provided once bicycle is inspected at Machine. Estimate is given before any work is carried out which may vary once servicing is started. Although any changes will be discussed in advance.
  3. Quick repairs are usually done while you wait. Same day bike servicing is available, please call for availability 020 7407 4287. Please note Full Service may take longer than Basic or General Service.
  4. Lead times may vary depending on workshop’s load. Customer is informed accordingly.
  5. All prices include labour only. Any parts required are extra. VAT is included.
  6. Additional labour charge may apply if parts are supplied from elsewhere.
  7. All bicycles must meet the safety standards to be used on the road. We reserve the right to refuse the work if overall safety of the bicycle cannot be guaranteed.
  8. Being short of bicycle storage space customers are advised to collect their bicycles within the 24 hours of completion otherwise £4 per day charge will be added to the bill.
  9. Bicycles not collected within 14 days of completion will be scrapped. Any lost and found items are being stored for 7 days.
  10. All workshop servicing is covered by a guarantee. Excludes parts not replaced and only work done. Does not cover puncture repairs.