Most common types of cycling

There are many types of cycling in which people participate on different models of bicycles and in certain conditions (on the track, off-road, mountains). If you ask yourself the question: what is the name of the sport of cycling, then the answer will be the style of riding in the competition.

Cycling has many different varieties and subspecies, among which the most common are:

  • Road cycling. Among the races of this type, most take place on road bikes, on roads and highways, occasionally on gravel.
  • Track cycling. Races on circular, specially prepared tracks on lightweight road bikes.
  • Mountain bike cycling. Competitive extreme races on difficult, intermittent, natural routes with a lot of obstacles. Most often, MTB bikes or their modernized counterparts are used.
  • Bicycle motocross. A discipline in which the basis is performing tricks and jumping over springboards on specially prepared or natural terrain. The most commonly used are BMX and MTB.

What does road racing include?

This type of cycling includes individual races, multi-day competition, criterion, group rides. In the individual races, participants start in turn and the winner is the one who drove a certain route or distance faster. The competition takes place only on ordinary roads over fairly long distances. Typically, these races are run during warm weather to eliminate the need to purchase warm sportswear and thereby slow down the results due to the extra weight. A road bike with a lightweight frame, large diameter and thin wheels, and a curved steering base is best suited for such a race.

Multi-day competitions can combine several types of disciplines at once and last at least two days. Races are usually held on asphalt tracks. They are called multi-day because the winner is considered from the total standings of all races (for time, speed or championship). The choice of a bicycle is also similar, necessarily a curved handlebar, large and thin wheels, and a significant reduction in all parts and designs of the bike.

Criterion is the competition on a circular track for the highest number of points that cyclists receive by passing through designated points on the route. The race also takes place on the road, occasionally such races can be held on gravel. The choice of a bicycle is absolutely similar to the previous disciplines.
Group rides are a competition for endurance and speed because the distance can exceed 200 kilometers.

What is special in track cycling?

This type of cycling includes different types of sprinting. Sprinting means small circular competitions, where the winner is the one who came in the first position. This is one of the oldest types of cycling. It involves 2-4 cyclists, and the number of laps usually does not exceed four. The race is carried out on specially equipped tracks without any obstacles. Successful participation in such competitions will require a bicycle with a lightweight frame and components, a specialized handlebar to reduce effort, and a proper fit.
Group sprinting is a race for a team of 3 or more participants for the best time. The first rider from the team starts by driving a lap at a certain time. Then the next cyclist from his team starts the race. Having passed the circle, the baton is passed to the last one. Their total time is summed up. The winning team has the best score. The race takes place on an equipped track.

What other types of cycling exist?

There are such cycling types, such as cross-country, freeride, and downhill.
Descents for speed (downhill). Departure from mountains or climbs for a while, while the route usually has a large number of obstacles. It is considered a spectator sport that takes place at high speeds, over uneven terrain in extreme conditions. A successful race requires certain skills and preparation. Distances can last several kilometers. For such a race, you need an appropriate bike, a mountain bike is the best option. A prerequisite is a reinforced frame that can withstand heavy loads. Competitors use tough, wide treads for better obstacle handling and a shock-absorbing element for a more comfortable ride. Do not forget about the equipment, namely a helmet with goggles and a special hard suit that can protect the cyclist during a fall.

Freeride. Race against the clock on especially difficult natural tracks with a lot of obstacles. It is simply impossible to ride such a route on a regular bike, so you should buy a freeride bike. This is a separate species, prepared specifically for this discipline. It differs from the usual mountain in its lightness, provided that strength is preserved. The bike should be equipped with an excellent braking system, wide and hard tires, and good shock absorption. As in the case of downhill, serious protection for the cyclist will be required.

Cross-country. Competition for the duration of the descent from the slopes without the use of wide treads and long-stroke depreciation systems. This is a relatively young discipline that is gaining more and more popularity. For such rides, a special bike with a carbon or aluminum frame is needed to maintain strength while keeping the bike light. Contact pedals and low seating are also required.

Have you ever heard about bike cafes?

Bike cafe is a place for parking and quenching the thirst or hunger of cyclists. It is also called a tricycle for street trade. Now cyclists can safely drink coffee while sitting on a bicycle and not worrying about stealing a bike.
Bicycle cafes are used for the manufacture, sale, and consumption of culinary products, both on the spot and on the takeaway, sometimes accompanied by some forms of entertainment programs; provision of bicycle repair services; bicycle rental, etc.
Usually, at each table, there is a wooden beam structure that secures the front wheel of the bike. This allows cyclists to sit leaning on footrests.