All the prejudices about winter cycling

Despite many opinions, cycling in winter can provide not much less joyful emotions than in the warm season. Many beginners in cycling are interested in the question – is it possible to ride a bike in the cold season? We’ll answer yes, moreover – it is necessary! After all, cycling in winter can keep you not only in excellent physical shape, it makes you emotionally stronger and more resilient.

With the first snow, or even a cold snap, many cycling enthusiasts hide the bike on the balcony or further away in the pantry. This decision is motivated by the many inconveniences associated with cycling, as well as lack of the proper clothes. But not everything is as scary as it seems at first glance. Several reasons to go cycling in winter.

1. Cold air is a great motivator

Do you feel tired and want to sleep all the time? Head outside, feel the cold wind on your face, which will invigorate you and give you energy. And although this method doesn’t replace a morning cup of strong coffee, we believe that even a short walk on the street, combined with physical activity, can fill the body with energy. In addition, cold air allows you to keep the whole body in good shape – from the physical burning of calories, strengthening the cardiovascular system, to the mental one associated with improving mood and reducing stress. Many who have ridden a bike in the cold season say that it is the cold air that motivates you to pedal more actively. You will not experience this on warm summer days, when you could easily stop somewhere and enjoy the views of nature.

2. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) prevention

Colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours make many people feel overwhelmed, it is a SAD syndrome. People who are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety on a regular basis are more prone to SAD symptoms, but even those who feel normal are at risk for winter blues, especially those who live in colder, darker environments at this time of year. Just going outside can help treat the symptoms of SAD. Maintaining regular activity in the fresh air throughout the year allows your body not to leave the already familiar biorhythm, it does not experience sharp jumps in load and its decline.

3. It will make you mentally stronger

It’s not easy to brave the cold and potential discomfort when you’re outdoors for hours in the middle of winter. Staying and riding a bike station in a climate-controlled home or gym seems very attractive when temperatures drop and the weather becomes less welcoming. Having the mental toughness to go outside despite the weather will ultimately make you a stronger person and more able to put up with uncomfortable cycling conditions in all situations.